Epix Snowboards + Faygo Beverages

I partnered Faygo Beverages (Detroit, MI) and Epix Snowboards (Ortonville, MI) to create a few unique snowboards. Faygo is a popular soda pop in Michigan and goes well with the snowboarding culture so it seemed like the perfect fit. I did a lot of research with the brand to create artwork that had a retro feel but could still be recognized today. Only pre-production boards were made but I learned a lot about the history of Faygo and met a lot of cool people. I was lucky to be a part of it.

Epix + American Coney Island vs. Lafayette

American Coney Island and Lafayette Coney Island are neighboring Coney Dog Restaurants in downtown Detroit. They are rivals in the Detroit hot dog scene and as a Detroiter you have to pick sides. I thought it would be fun to create coney dog boards, and have the two boards rival each other. I bought bags of fries, coney dogs, fountain pop, took the ticket bills and hired a photographer to shoot these pieces. From there I created a college diner scene to represent each restaurant. These were well received.


Epix + Shades

Shades is an artist form Detroit who’s work has been commissioned and displayed around the world. We met in 2008 and had talked about working on a project together. We then had an idea to create a snowboard out of his work. He painted on canvas, then I would photograph it and from there I would create a board out of his work. We decided to document him painting the piece with a time-lapse video to show some of the process.  You can see that video below.

Epix + Detroit Denim

Detroit Denim is an American made jean company located in Detroit. I met with owner Eric Yelsma to discuses the idea of making a jean board. Our initial intention was to press the fabric into the board so the jean texture would be embedded into the top sheet. After a few tries we found that was more difficult then we thought. I took rolls of denim, long stitched areas, jeans, buttons, rivets, belts and jeans  and photographed them extensively to create a board.

Epix + Campus Rail Jam Tour (Sponsored by Ford)

I created this board for the Campus Rail Jam Tour. CRJT is a touring snowboard competition that goes to universities and colleges around the US. The winners of those competitions would be awarded this board. The board had to be 2 colors (this was screen printed) because the budget was tight. It had to have the Ford oval, and if there was a car in the artwork, it had to be a Ford. In addition, I also designed artwork for a bag, a tee-shirt and a bandana. All of the items were well received by the winners.